Valerie Kruijtzer


About Valerie

Valerie Kruijtzer has been a lawyer since 2012 and works in the corporate law section. She specialises in commercial law and ICT law.

If companies trade (supply or purchase of goods and/or services), regardless of where the parties are located in the chain (producer, wholesaler, end user) and regardless of the way in which they do so (e.g. distribution or agency), Valerie is involved to advise on specific legal issues or to record the agreements made. This also applies if companies enter into other types of commercial partnerships. Valerie is regularly asked to assist in the negotiation process.

In addition, Valerie has specialised in ICT law. She advises and assists both IT suppliers and customers in making and recording agreements. This is particularly the case when customised software is to be developed, SaaS services are to be provided or when a customer intends to switch to a new IT system (implementation processes).

Valerie litigates on a regular basis. The disputes she deals with revolve around the failure to fulfil obligations arising from agreements entered into, such as the failure to deliver goods or to implement and deliver the new IT system on time.

Valerie contributes to her clients’ thinking about their day-to-day business and knows what entrepreneurs expect from a lawyer. That is why her advice is out-of-the-box, pragmatic, future-oriented and result-oriented.

Valerie has completed two specialisation courses at the Grotius Academy: National and International Contracting and Information Technology Law.