Christiaan Donners


About Christiaan

Committed, efficient and solution-oriented are adjectives that aptly apply to Christiaan. He provides clear and unambiguous advice, so that you know where you stand. Christiaan is inventive and manages to look at problems differently and come up with solutions others cannot.

Christiaan aims to solve disputes without court intervention. However, with his years of litigation experience, he is also perfectly able to assist you if legal proceedings are unavoidable. Christiaan is committed to every case, hates losing, and will do his utmost to achieve the maximum result for you.

Christiaan is frequently appointed as liquidator in bankruptcy proceedings. Partly because of this, he knows what people may expect in the event of bankruptcy and is able to provide sound advice to those who are facing bankruptcy. Christiaan often advises companies in financial difficulties looking at restructuring or possible bankruptcy.