Our office

Lawyers and notaries

Our lawyers and civil-law notaries have been working together in various fields for more than 30 years. Our lawyers are based in Nijmegen, while our civil-law notaries have their offices in Nijmegen and Arnhem. Examples of fields in which they work together are family and inheritance law, corporate law and property law. The differences in how lawyers and civil-law notaries approach a legal issue combined with their knowledge and expertise lead to creative and often innovative solutions for our clients.


Hekkelman has an informal, accessible and no-nonsense office culture. We not only expect our lawyers and civil-law notaries to be top lawyers, but also to have the necessary soft skills to advise clients properly. Developing entrepreneurship is important to us. There is room for personal development with respect for everyone’s individuality. If an employee wants to obtain a PhD degree or teach students, we give him or her the space to do so. The diversity of our people makes us a colourful office and that is also visible in our corporate identity.


Our offices are easily accessible and are within walking distance from either Arnhem or Nijmegen railway station, and we have our own parking facilities both in Nijmegen (at the rear of Oranjesingel 41) and Arnhem. Click here for the office addresses.