Hekkelman is the firm to go to if you want to resolve government-related legal issues. As regular lawyers of various large municipalities, we advise and litigate on a daily basis on all facets of government business. We also use our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of entrepreneurs and private persons who have a conflict with the central or local government.

From regulatory pressure to results

The vast majority of legal rules in the Netherlands concern the relationship between citizens and government. In the midst of all this regulatory pressure, it can sometimes be quite a task to get something done. We attach importance to creating clarity and focusing on practical results. We endeavour to give concrete advice in clear language – regardless of whether you are a public servant or an entrepreneur.

Driven by content

Our lawyers publish in relevant (scientific) journals, teach at various institutes and are much sought-after speakers at seminars and other events.

Our office advisor, Prof. A.G.A. (Tonny) Nijmeijer, is affiliated to Radboud University as Professor of Administrative and Environmental Law.

We report current developments relevant to the public sector on our blog Overheidszaken. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists without any obligation.