Family & inheritance law

Hekkelman’s family and inheritance lawyers and notaries: a unique combination

How to organise a prenuptial agreement or a will in the best legal and fiscal manner?

How can you best arrange the consequences of a divorce?

Hekkelman is the only office in the area where specialist lawyers and notaries in the field of family and inheritance law work together. They can answer these and similar questions.

Family and inheritance lawyers and notaries: together we are strong

With their practical and solution-oriented approach, and their legal and fiscal knowledge, our lawyers and civil-law notaries are able to handle complicated issues in the field of family and inheritance law. They have a keen eye for human relationships and for the emotions that often play a role in family and inheritance law issues.

Hekkelman is the right partner for you when it comes to estate planning, complicated divorces involving companies or considerable capital, or settling estates. Hekkelman provides advice and mediation services, and initiates proceedings if need be.

The combination of lawyers and civil-law notaries (in Nijmegen and Arnhem) creates an enormous added value. Together we are strong.