Liability & damage or loss

Practically every company and organisation has once been in a situation in which damage or loss occurred and a risk of liability arose. Think, for example, of a manufacturer who delivers a defective product, a trading company that unlawfully competes with another market player, a director of a company or foundation who is held responsible for its financial problems, or an accountant who has given incorrect advice to a client.

Liability and insurance issues

We help companies, organisations, their directors and independent professionals in all kinds of matters concerning corporate and professional liability, director’s and officers’ liability and related insurance issues. For example, if you have to defend yourself against a claim for damages, or if you want to be compensated for any damage or loss you have sustained.

We also regularly assist independent professionals in disciplinary proceedings that may be related to a claim. (See also Right of complaint and disciplinary law.)

Risk management

It is, of course, wise to limit the liability risks as much as possible. That is why we also advise on legal risk management: by screening for example contracts, general terms and conditions, and procedures in the organisation, we map out the risks and how you can limit them as much as possible. (See also Contracts and general terms and conditions.)