There is enormous interest in the balance of power between management, supervision and owners, both in the private and public sector. If you run a business, you have to comply with complex laws and regulations and codes of conduct, and deal with (external) supervisors and social impact. All these forces demand much from those involved.

This can also lead to tensions within the organisation. We help organisations and individuals by coming up with pragmatic solutions and providing advice on risk management to prevent financial and reputational damage.


Governance is about directing, managing and controlling. In short, it is ensuring that the results are in line with the organisation’s intended strategy and objectives.

We will be happy to help you achieve that goal. We will help you with the design of the internal organisation, the division of powers, internal and external accountability, liability issues and risk management. We will also help you harmonise the articles of association, regulations and any applicable (sector-specific) codes and processes, and implement them to get and keep the internal organisation on track.


Our specialists will assist you in ensuring and promoting compliance with the maze of regulations with which your organisation has to comply. Think, for example, of financial rules, procurement law, state aid, trade bans, privacy regulations and the duty to report data breaches, whistleblower regulations, consumer law and e-commerce rules.

We will help you by providing practical and well thought-out solutions to comply with these rules and to reduce the possible risks. In doing so, we not only take into account the applicable rules, but also the generally accepted standards of good governance.