Dispute resolution

Do you have a conflict with your business partner, customer or supplier? Our lawyers have extensive experience in resolving disputes, which they do preferably in consultation with the other party, but if necessary in a court of law.

Resolving disputes out of court

We will always investigate whether it is possible to solve your conflict in consultation with the other party or their lawyer because resolving a dispute out of court is in most cases a much quicker and less expensive solution.

Going to court or arbitration

If there is no other option, we will not hesitate to take your dispute to court. Depending on the situation, this may come down to court or arbitration proceedings.

Our lawyers have extensive corporate litigation experience in courts and arbitration tribunals, also in conflicts relating to liability issues and commercial contracts. Furthermore we regularly commence proceedings before disciplinary tribunals (see also right of complaint and disciplinary law).

You can rest assured that we will do everything necessary to resolve your dispute in the best possible way for you.