Debt collection & attachment

No matter how tight your management of the accounts receivable may be, there will always be debtors who do not pay even after several reminders. In such a case, it is reassuring to know that you can call in a lawyer who will take quick action to collect the outstanding debts.


To secure payment of your claim, you can obtain a prejudgment attachment of the debtor’s assets. This extra pressure may ensure that your debtor pays up after all.

Debt collection

A debtor who is deaf to all requests for payment will receive a summons. If the court upholds your claim, you can then enforce payment of your debt. Of course, we will try to recover as much of your costs and lost interest as possible from your debtor.

The advantages of engaging a lawyer

A collection agency or a bailiff often cannot enforce payment. This is because this is only possible once a court of law has ruled on the matter. In many cases, a collection agency or a bailiff cannot summon your debtor to appear in court. As lawyers, we can enforce payment through legal proceedings. If the expected costs outweigh the benefits, you can also rely on us to inform you about this. Please feel free to contact us for an exploratory discussion.