Collaboration & joint venture

The increasing specialisation of products and services requires more and more cooperation and underlines the importance of good agreements.

This applies, for example, to cooperation in the chain of products and services where one party is often dependent on the product or service of another party. If that other party fails, wholly or in part, to fulfil its contractual obligations, problems will occur throughout the entire chain. Together, we will map out the chain, highlight the dependencies, and adjust the contracts accordingly.

It is also necessary to make agreements within organisations and partnerships. We are currently very active in supporting investors, companies and governments active in what is known as the energy transition. The social challenge requires an unconventional way of working together, or at least, working together with parties that have not often met each other in the past.

We have noticed a trend towards focusing on how things can be done, rather than on the dangers and risks involved. With a view to the greater good, we ask critical questions about the how and why of an intended collaboration, the desired checks and balances, and the distribution of risks. And we advise on the best way to structure a cooperation. Often, excellent contracts can be drawn up in which the cooperation can be given shape, but sometimes setting up a new legal entity in which various parties become shareholders, i.e. a joint venture, is the best option.