Agribusiness & rural areas

Rural areas are characterised by nature, water, recreation, various urban functions and, of course, the agricultural sector (cattle and arable farming) and horticulture.

Practice-oriented lawyers

Our specialists in Agribusiness & Rural Areas know the dynamic developments and interests at play in the rural areas. They know the agricultural sector and production chain from A to Z – including the equestrian world – and are experts on the laws and regulations concerning rural areas. It is not without reason that a number of our specialists have been proclaimed leaders in their field by dagblad Boerderij (a newspaper for farmers).

Our specialists are also familiar with the laws and regulations for private ownership and management of, for example, agricultural land, woodland, nature reserves and country estates. They advise and assist parties in the field of conflicting interests between, on the one hand, the demand for land for spatial developments and, on the other hand, the interests of landowners.

Hekkelman combines specialist legal knowledge and skills with a practical and sector-oriented approach. Our Agribusiness & Rural Areas specialists are practice-oriented lawyers. To put it simply: they speak your language and know your concerns.

Experience and specialisation

They are indeed true specialists as may be evident from their areas of expertise:

  • How do you develop a zoning plan that protects Natura 2000 areas and offers intensive livestock farms room to develop at the same time?
  • What opportunities does European law offer for innovation, such as breeding insects for food and feed?
  • Is the environmental permit legally sound?
  • How do I arrange for public housing near an organic pig farm?
  • Can a new football stadium be built in the vicinity of bulb farms?
  • What development potential does dairy farming have?
  • Are (provincial) sustainability rules for intensive stock farming legally tenable?
  • What can I expect as a rural property owner if the government needs my land or buildings for certain developments, and what compensation can I claim?
  • What do I need to consider if I am going to lease / lease out agricultural land?
  • Can I take legal action against a manure fine or a punitive reduction in subsidy under the common agricultural policy?
  • Who holds the rights if I have a new harvester designed or if I bring a new flavour of cheese on the market?
  • And what if a contractor has not completed the newly built poultry house correctly?

These are just some of the questions that our clients ask us. Are you looking for legal information or just curious about what we can do for you? Please visit our blog Agrarische Zaken or contact one of our specialists without any obligation.